Key Technologies I have used

List of familiar python packages

Here is a list of things I have used in the past. My criteria for including in this list, is my ability to talk knowledgably about them to an industry proffessional. Everything on these lists I have worked with.

Very familiar with

Python, Linux, JavaScript, Django, Pandas, OpenCV, TensorFlow, Flask, MySQL, SQLite, D3, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, AWS, Git(Hub), SVN, MATLAB, Signal Processing, Networking, Image Processing, Deep Learning, Industrial Automation.

Somewhat familiar with

C/C++, Lua, QT, Electrical Engineering, NoSQL, GAE, Jenkins, Computer Vision, HDL (Verilog),

Python Packages

List of familiar python packages

For whatever reason, recruiters are always curious as to what python libraries I am familiar with. Listed here is the complete set of packages that I am familiar with.

Standard Packages

argparse, asyncio, cProfile, collections, configparser, contextlib, copy, ctypes, dataclasses, datetime, fnmatch, functools, gc, glob, gzip, hashlib, importlib, inspect, io, itertools, json, keyword, math, mimetypes, multiprocessing, numbers, os, pathlib, pdb, pickle, pipes, pprint, profile, pstats, pwd, pydoc, queue, random, re, secrets, shelve, shutil, socket, sqlite3, struct, subprocess, symbol, sys, telnetlib, threading, time, timeit, traceback, tty, turtle, typing, unicodedata, urllib, uuid, venv, xml, zipfile .

Third Party Packages

CairoSVG, Cython, PIL, PyVISA, Pygments, beautifulsoup4, boto3, celery, cffi, colorama, django, flask, fuzzywuzzy, imageio, ipython, jinja2, lxml, matplotlib, mock, mrcnn, networkx, nltk, numpy, opencv, pandas, pexpect, piexif, praw, pymediainfo, pyqt4, pyserial, pytz, requests, ring, scikit-learn, selenium, six, snakeviz, tensorflow, tornado, usaaddress, xldr .