Australian National University

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)

ANU provided me a world class Systems Engineering degree. This has degree was highly formative to making me the successful engineer I am today. I attended ANU between the years 2012, and 2016. I majored in Electronics and Communications and finished with a minor in Mechatronics.

By its nature, Systems Engineering is a interdisciplinary field that focuses on the interface between multiple systems. While it is normal for a SE engineer to focus on one discipline, the key goal is to always be able to engineer different sub-systems into one large system. The education I received was highly focused around having the ability to communicate technically to a wide range of different engineers in very different diciplines. As such, I am comfortable talking professionally about Electrical, Mechanical, Material Science, Mechatronics, Software, Mathematics, Data Science, Statistics, Supply Chain, and of course, Computer Science.

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