I have recently immigrated to America to be with my beautiful Wife. I have lived in Sydney the last two years, but it is time for us to live our lives in America. We intend to stay in the DC Metro area. I am always keen for a catch up, so if you are available I’d love to chat no matter your field.

About my past work

While in Sydney, I worked for a company called NetComm Wireless where I was a "Production Software Engineer". This role consisted of developing test software to be used in a production line. This taught me a lot about being the value of being a well rounded Engineer. It was ultimately we are writing tests to test hardware, that means understanding of the hardware was a must. It meant understanding cultural environments, knowing the audience of your software is key. Developing an interface for the a factory worker, on a factory floor in China is very different to making a tool for other Engineers. I will probably make a blog post about my job there in the near future.

About my Education

I grew up, and studied in a small country town in Australia, called Canberra. In it I studied my Bachelor of Engineering Honours at the Australian National University where I majored in Electronics and Communications between the years 2012 and 2016. While there, I realised I had a passion for programming, and in past life was probably a Computer Scientist. Because I was somewhat of a late bloomer, I strongly encourage everyone to get into coding a young age to test your ability.